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15 January 2020

OHL will participate in two new contracts in the Czech Republic for an amount close to 50 million euros

OHL will participate in two new contracts in the Czech Republic for an amount of nearly 50 million euros. The project involves the construction of a new pavilion for the emergency area of the České Budejovice Hospital, and various works on the railway line linking the towns of Sobleslav and Doubi in southern Bohemia.

The first of the projects has a budget of about 38 million euros and will be developed in a joint venture. It will house operating and post-operative rooms, a new sterilization center, additional inpatient areas, intensive care units and outpatient care spaces. The area for staff and ambulance personnel use will also be expanded. The new building will have an area of 3,044 m2 built on top of the 3,696 m2 already in existence.

The second of the projects focuses on the railway sector, where OHL holds a leading position. The actions, which amount to 10.7 million euros, will be carried out in the Sobleslav-Doubi railway line and will focus mainly on earthworks, concrete structures and drainage networks.

Nearly two decades of activity in the country

OHL began its activity in the Czech Republic in 2003. Since then, we have carried out various projects in the fields of civil engineering and unique and hospital buildings. Among other things, the optimization of the railway line between the cities of Plzen and Stríbo and the Královo Pole tunnels in Brno are noteworthy.

OHL is also responsible for the construction of the general internal medicine and geriatrics building at Olomuc University Hospital, the sixth largest hospital in the Czech Republic; and for unique building projects linked to culture and education, such as the extension of the Bohunice University Campus of Masaryk University, the construction of the Prague Technical Library or the rehabilitation of the Prague National Theater, one of the country's emblematic buildings.

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