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08 August 2019

The development of the work includes environmental criteria aimed at improving air quality and reducing CO2 emissions

OHL Servicios awarded two new contracts for over 30 million euro

OHL Servicios has been awarded two new contracts for waste management and maintenance of green areas in the cities of Albacete and Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). Both contracts amount to around 34 million euro and have a duration of between three and four years. 

In Albacete, the company will carry out the conservation, maintenance, adaptation and improvement of the green areas and natural spaces of the city and districts. The 4-year contract, which can be extended for two more years, has a price tag of more than 23 million euro and includes environmental criteria aligned with the objective of achieving an improvement in air quality and a reduction in noise pollution in the city.

Under this contract, OHL Servicios will expand the city’s fleet of vehicles with 14 electric propulsion units, the use of which will reduce noise emissions by 37% compared to diesel vehicles, as well as eliminating CO2 emissions. This fleet is supplemented by 19 other gas-powered vehicles. Their use will avoid the emission of more than 250 tons of CO2, equivalent to the amount of carbon absorption that a forest of more than 60 hectares would make during a year.

It should be noted that the company will modernize the city's irrigation system, currently manual in 90 percent of green areas, and will be replaced by a remote-controlled system that will allow savings of up to 25% in water consumption.

In Jerez de la Frontera, meanwhile, the company will be responsible for the next three years for the conservation and maintenance service of green and landscaped areas and urban woodland. For the development of this initiative, which has a budget of 10.4 million euro, the company will also make use of specialized machinery, as well as a fleet of vehicles that will result in a reduction of noise and CO2 emissions by more than 35 percent.

19.08.08 OHL Servicios Contrato Albacete Cadiz.

Part of the team responsible for carrying out the maintenance of green areas and natural spaces in the city of Albacete (Spain).

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