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17 October 2018

Recognized for its architectural value and positive impact on the environment where it is located

OHL awarded in Colombia for the Medellin River Parks project

The First Phase of the Medellin River Parks project, carried out by OHL in Medellin, Colombia, has been recognized by the British magazine Architectural Review with the Future Project Awards 2018, in the category of Sustainability. It is the only Latin American project awarded out of a total of 12 award-winning initiatives, from countries around the world. The winning candidates have in common their contribution, from an innovative point of view, to the development of architecture and the well-being of the communities where they are located.

The first phase of the Medellin River Parks project seeks to turn the city into a sustainable space in environmental matters and improve mobility. Among the actions included in this project is the burial of the highway Autopista Sur, over a stretch of 426 m, the increase in the number of existing lanes from four to seven, the construction of two pedestrian bridges over the Medellin river and a public park.

OHL has been present in Colombia since 2008. Since then, the company has participated in several projects, including the construction of the Magdalena River Expressway, 144 km long and currently under construction; the Medellín tram, a modern tram system in Latin America, with a length of 4.3 km and a slope of up to 12.5%, the largest in the world tram system, and the El Quimbo hydroelectric plant, equipped with 400 MW of power.

18.10.17 OHL Premiado En Colombia Por Parques Del Rio

Río Medellin Park Project, Phase I. Medellin, Colombia.

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