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05 October 2018

The initiative is now in its tenth year and has benefitted over 200 users in nursing homes and day centers in Poblenou and Fort Pienc (Barcelona)

OHL Servicios focuses on therapy with animals to improve the wellbeing of dependent persons in its nursing homes

Caring for the cognitive system and the treatment of mental illnesses, promoting self-esteem and interpersonal relations, and the improvement of psychomotricity are some of the objectives obtained through therapy with animals which, for the last ten years OHL Servicios has been carrying out in the nursing homes and day center in Poblenou and Fort Pienc (Barcelona), managed in UTE with Asproseat. The division, through its affiliate OHL Servicios-Ingesan, executes the TEAAC program (Pet Assisted Therapies) with the support of two Golden Retriever dogs, which have promoted the improvement of the physical and psychological health of over 200 persons with various levels of dependency.

TEAAC, developed in collaboration with the Affinity Foundation, an organization created in 1987 and dedicated to investigating and promoting the benefits of pets in society, has led to the implementation of an interdisciplinary attention model in which the animals act as auxiliary therapists.

It is worth noting that OHL Servicios has extensive experience in the social and healthcare sector and the individualized or collective care of persons, aimed at improving the quality of life and integration of sensitive collectives. Among their actions are the management of nursing homes and day centers, supervised apartments and dependent care services.

18.09.05 OHL S Apuesta Terapia Animales Bienestar Dependientes

Therapy with animals is beneficial for the cognitive system, among other things.

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