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21 August 2017

The contract is a joint venture with the local company NCC, and is one of the most important railroad contracts in the country

OHL is awarded its first contract in Sweden for 215 million Euro

  • It will improve one of the busiest railroad routes in the country
  • It will strengthen company’s position in the Nordic countries where it has been operating since 2015 with the EPC Ski project in Norway

OHL has been awarded a 50% joint venture contract with NCC, the leading construction and infrastructure company in Northern Europe. Its first project in Sweden is to upgrade the line between Lund and Arlöv (Malmö), one of the busiest railroad routes in Sweden, amounting to 215 million Euro (SEK 2,000 million).  

The contract was awarded by Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration), and marks the beginning of OHL’s journey in Sweden. It entered the Norwegian market in 2015 with EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) Ski within the Follo Line, the most important transport project in the country. OHL is continuing to study several infrastructure projects in Sweden, where a High Speed program will be launched soon. 

The OHL-NCC joint venture will construct the first 8 km stretch between the Swedish cities of Arlöv and Flackarp, while the tender winners can choose to contribute to the design of the 3 km stretch between Flackarp and Lund, and subsequently negotiate with the client to construct it.

The project involves constructing two temporary tracks parallel to the current 5 km line, where railroad traffic will run during construction. The contract will result in four tracks instead of the two current ones. This requires building a recess up to six meters  deep for 5 of the 8 km of the line, including 400 meters underground near the station at Akarp. The contract includes constructing three new stations at Burlöv, Akarp and Hjärup, four over-passes and two under-passes that cross the route, and three under-passes crossing the most important road in the country (E6/E20) and widening it to three lanes in each direction.

Over seventy years' experience with railroad infrastructure

OHL has built railroad infrastructure in Europe, Asia, Africa, and America. It has successfully completed about 200 projects involving Spanish High Speed Trains since these started in 1988, complimented by over seventy years' experience in building railroad infrastructure.

The most prominent tenders awarded abroad are the Haramain High Speed Railroad project between the holy cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia; the Ankara-Istanbul high-speed railroad in Turkey, in service since 2009; and completing major projects to modernize railroad corridors in the Czech Republic. 

17.08.21 Ndp . OHL Se Adjudica Su Primer Proyecto

Infographics of the project to improve the railroad between the Swedish cities of Malmö and Lund, one of the busiest railroad routes in Sweden.

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