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11 / 14 / 2019

OHL consolidates a positive EBITDA of 40.1 million by September

In this context, following the closing of the first nine months of the year, OHL is moving towards achieving its estimated growth for 2019...

11 / 07 / 2019

OHL awarded a new mining project in Chile for nearly 150 million euro

The contract has been awarded by the mining company Mantos Copper, dedicated to the extraction and commercialization of copper,...

10 / 25 / 2019

Significant event. Possible partner in OHL Desarrollos

The company, OBRASCON HUARTE LAIN, S.A. (OHL), in compliance with current legislation, hereby reports the following:...

10 / 22 / 2019

Significant Event. Operation

OBRASCÓN HUARTE LAIN, S.A. (“OHL” or the “Company”) in compliance with the provisions of Article 228 of the Refunded Text of the Securities Market Act approved by...

10 / 16 / 2019

OHL is committed to diversity and equality

OHL is a part of the nearly 50 Spanish companies that this Wednesday, in the framework of celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the Adecco Foundation, have presented...

10 / 15 / 2019

OHL is awarded four new port projects of approximately 20 million Euros

In the municipality of San Vicente de la Barquera in Cantabria, SATO will undertake construction of the new marina to include, as its main...