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Cubipod: a method for mound-breakwater construction

An element for the construction of mound breakwaters, developed by OHL in collaboration with the Polytechnic University of Valencia and patented internationally. Its design provides significant improvements over the other pieces used as rockfill in marine breakwaters.

Cubipods acopiados para su transporte y colocación en el Puerto de Hanstholm. Dinamarca.

In addition to the piece itself, Cubipod includes the development and patent of the fabrication molds and the grapples used to place them. It has received a variety of awards: Gold Medal in the 39th Geneva International Invention Expo, Award for the best Spanish invention from the Spanish patent agency García-Cabrerizo, National Award for Innovation for its first real application in the Port of Málaga, and more recently, the Quality Innovation Award, given by the National Association of Centers of Excellence, and the recognition by the magazine Actualidad Económica as one of the One Hundred Best Ideas in the category of Industrial Innovation, both given in 2017.

In 2016, Cubipod opened up a new line of business for OHL to market its own technologies. More detailed information is available here