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+100 years building history

Amongst the many projects carried out by the OHL Group over more than one hundred years of history are certain emblematic works in terms of size, complexity, technical innovation or social scope. This section gathers a non-exhaustive catalogue of some of these activities.


Toluca intercity train. Mexico

OHL is building the first section of the intercity train line that will connect Toluca, capital of the State of Mexico, with Mexico City, the country’s capital. With a length of 36.15 km, it is the most important section of the future Toluca- Mexico City railway.


Expansion of the Alicante Port. Spain

Incorporation of 30 Ha of esplanades –16 of them completely developed– into existing infrastructure and the rest of sheltered water. The inner harbor has three alignments of commercial piers and a dock for ferries. The project altogether represents 1,127 m of slope breakwater; 442 m of slope counter breakwater; 1,236 m of piers with caissons; 245 m of ro-ro type dock for ferries; 160,000 m2 of paved esplanade and 1,986 m of railway track.


Construction project for the railway infrastructure in the Huelva Station. Spain

The works consisted of the execution of the railway infrastructure in the Huelva Station, which opened in 2018, including earthmoving, formation of track yards and platforms for the passenger service 410 and 226 m long and a technical platform. The passenger building of the 1,200 m2 station was also constructed


Institute for Infants Bridge. Czech Republic

The Institute for Infants Bridge was built over the Morava River in Olomouc (Czech Republic), in 2008, carrying a local road. It has a span of 64.9 m long and a concrete slab suspended on double plane steel arch with a rise of 8.8 m.


Medellín Tram (Colombia) and AirportLink Railway Connection (USA)

The Medellín Tram, inaugurated in 2015 in Colombia, is the first modern tramway system in Latin America. In 2012, the AirportLink Railway Connection was inaugurated. It is the first construction project in the railway sector achieved by a Spanish company in the United States and the first stage of the extension project for the Miami Subway through the new Orange Line.