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Awards and recognition

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The excellence achieved by the OHL Group in the fields where it is present has made it worthy of important prizes and recognitions, to include:

      • Judlau. Selected as ENR New York's 2019 Contractor of the Year, for achievements in the development of various projects, such as Canarsie Tunnel rehabilitation, the Throgs Neck Bridge project, the Riverside Drive Viaduct rehabilitation, the Enhanced Stations Initiative, and the Queens Midtown Tunnel rehabilitation project.
      • Judlau. It has received the Illinois Department of Transportation and the Office of Business and Workforce Diversity’s Above and Beyond award for being an outstanding supporter of their Disadvantaged Business Enterprises program.
      • SATO. Antonio Corredor, head of the Technical Office at SATO, OHL's maritime and port works subsidiary, and Carlos Fermín Menéndez, who held the position of workshop manager and supervisor at this subsidiary, have been nominated by the European Patent Office for the "European Inventor Award 2019", Industry category, for their contribution to the development of the Cubipod's exclusive concrete mold.
      • OHL Servicios. Through its subsidiary OHL Servicios-Ingesan, it has been awardethe 2018 Alliances for Employment award, for its work in favor of the labor insertion of disadvantaged groups granted by Red Cross.
      • OHL. The First Phase of the Medellin River Parks project, carried out in Medellin, Colombia, has been recognized by the British magazine Architectural Review with the Future Project Awards 2018, in the category of Sustainability.
      • OHL Servicios México. It has been recognized with the Distinctive ESR® 2018 with respect to corporate social responsibility
      • OHL. It receives recognition for an accident free year in the construction of the Curicó Hospital (Chile) by the Asociación Chilena de Seguridad (ACHS).
      • OHL. 2018 Volunteerng Awards by Fundacion Integra.
      • OHL. 2018 Stela Awards for its commitment to the occupational integration of intellectually disabled persons.
      • OHL. It The 100 Best Ideas of Actualidad Economica for the innovation used in the restoration of Owens Lake (California).
      • Judlau. It has received recognition for its work on the renovation of the George Washington Bridge in New Jersey (USA), it is the world’s busiest motor vehicle bridge, connecting New York and New Jersey, and has been an architectural icon for 85 years. The award was given by the New Jersey Alliance For Action.
      • OHL Servicios. It has obtained the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation for the integrated management of the old people’s home and day center, Residència i Centre de Dia Fort Pienc, in Barcelona. This internationally recognized certification guarantees that the center meets the quality requirements of the accrediting body with the highest technical expertise in the sector.
      • OHL. The Asociación Nacional de los Centros Promotores de la Excelencia (CEX-National Association of Centers for the Furtherance of Excellence) has granted award to OHL in the national stage of the Quality Innovation Award (QIA) in the large company category for the development of the Cubipod.
      • OHL. The Asociación Nacional de los Centros Promotores de la Excelencia (CEX-National Association of Centers for the Furtherance of Excellence) has granted award to OHL in the national stage of the Quality Innovation Award (QIA) in the large company category for the development of the Cubipod.
      • OHL. OHL has been awarded in the "CDP Europe Awards 2017", for its inclusion with the highest rating in the CDP Climate 2017 and CDP Water 2017 Indexes, for its work on climate change and sustainable water management.
      • OHL. 2017 Public Works and Civil Engineering Machinery Power Award in the category of tunnels and underground work granted by the magazine, Potencia which is part of the TPI editorial group.  This award has been given for the execution of two twin tunnels, with a length of 1.1 km, under the mouth of the Vistula River in Gdansk (Poland).
      • Judlau. Recognition for its “outstanding contribution” in the renovation of the Second Avenue subway in New York City, the first great expansion of the subway in the city in over one hundred years.  It has been awarded by the Friends of the New York Transit Museum.
      • Mayakoba. The Mayakoba tourist complex, developed by OHL in the Riviera Maya, has obtained the "Recognition of Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices 2017" for its programs Atletas Mayakoba and Semillero Mayakoba, focused on the identification and promotion of local sports talent.
      • OHL. The Cubipod, the best innovative idea prize in the 39th edition of the 100 Best Business Ideas Awards, granted by the magazine Actualidad Economica.
      • OHL México. OHL Mexico has been nominated by GovernArt in the ALAS20 Mexico 2017, sustainable leaders 2020 Agenda, an initiative that seeks to promote sustainable business management and investment decisions, as an effective way to achieve a more sustainable, equitable and inclusive world in the Latin America Region.
      • OHL Servicios. OHL Servicios receives the 2017 Stela Awards for its commitment towards the inclusion in the job market of people with intellectual disability, given by Fundación Síndrome de Down de Madrid.

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