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OHL Concesiones awarded concession on Autopista del Norte in Perú

OHL Concesiones signed the contract for the concession on the Patilvica-Trujillo section of Highway Network No. 4 in Peru. The expansion, operation and maintenance of the highway will be performed by the newly created concessionaire Autopista del Norte, SAC, a 100% held subsidiary of OHL Concesiones.

The signing ceremony was held in Lima and was presided over by President Alan García of Peru, accompanied by the head of the Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversión), Cayetana Aljovín and the chairman of OHL, Juan- Miguel Villar Mir. The contract was signed by the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Enrique Cornejo and the CEO of OHL Concesiones, Juan Osuna.

The concession is for 362 miles of highway along the coast of Peru between the cities of Pativilca and Trujillo, which forms part of the Northern Pan-American Highway, a major roadway in the region with the greatest concentration of businesses in Peru. Autopista del Norte will reduce travel time and help boost de development of tourism in the area.

The concession is for 25 years and the total investment under management is 202.7 million euros. The work required will be completed in 2014, resulting in a modern 4-lane motorway (two in each direction). Average estimated daily traffic is 16,773.

At the close of 2008, OHL Concesiones was awarded its first concession in Peru: Highway Network No. 4. This latest award further expands the company's presence in Latin America. OHL Concesiones has infrastructure concessions in Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Mexico.

In 2008, OHL acquired a 94% stake in the Peruvian construction company Constructora TP, S.A.C. (CTPSAC), one of the most widely recognised in the country with over 50 years of continued operations.