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OHL ZS is awarded a contract for the new works in Czech Republic for more than 200 million of Euros

The Group, through its subsidiary OHL ZS, has been awarded a contract in the Czech Republic for more than 200 million of Euros.

In particular, it will participate in the work for the optimization of the railway section of Stríbro-Planá u Mariánských Lázni, 32 Km. long, included in the modernization plan of the third railway corridor which reaches the Czech-German frontier from Prague.

The budget for the adjudication is of 158.380.781, 94 Euros (VAT not included) and OHL ZS participates with a 37% in the contractor UTE. The time period for execution is of 36, 5 months.

The client and the beneficiary of the works is the state owned company Administración de la Vía de Transporte Ferroviario. The works are financed by the cohesion funds of the European Union, within the operative program of transport for the years 2007-2013, complemented with contributions accounted by the budget of the Czech Republic.

On the other hand, it is to stand out that the subsidiary of OHL has also resulted awarded for the electrification of the railway sector Peú Satow-Znojmo in the Czech Republic for an amount of 42.610.493, 23 Euros (VAT not included). OHL ZS counts with a 50% in the UTE for a 19-months term.
Por otra parte, hay que destacar que la filial de OHL también ha resultado adjudicataria de la electrificación del tramo ferroviario Peú Satow-Znojmo en la República Checa por un importe de 42.610.497,23 euros (IVA no incluido). OHL ZS cuenta con un 50% en la UTE adjudicataria y el plazo de ejecución es de 19 meses.