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28 June 2018

The Board of Directors has appointed José Antonio Fernández Gallar as Second Vice-President and CEO of OHL

The Board of Directors, based on a favourable report from the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, has agreed to accept with effect from today, the resignation of Juan Osuna Gómez as board member.

Also, the Board of Directors has agreed today, based on a favourable report from the Appointments and Remuneration Committee, to appoint, by co-optation, to fill the vacancy produced by the abovementioned resignation, Jose Antonio Fernández Gallar, appointing him as Second Vice-President and delegating on his person all the legal and statutorily delegable powers.

The new CEO, who has been working for more than three decades in the construction industry, will lead the new stage of OHL as a construction and promotion of concessions company with a smaller size, focused on profitability and cash generation.

Technical Civil Engineer specialized in hydraulic and energy by the ETS of ICCP of Madrid and Master in Construction and Real Estate Business Management (MDI), he took his first steps in the area of transport infrastructures and building in 1983 and in 1985 he joined Inmobiliaria Espacio as Eastern Area Director (Alicante, Valencia and Baleares).

José Antonio Fernández Gallar has been leading Inmobiliaria Espacio from 2002, time during which he has been at the forefront of emblematic projects as Torrespacio and Torre Caleido, while he is director of Centro Canalejas Madrid.

18.06.28 Ndp . El Consejo De Administración Nombra A JAFG (1)

José Antonio Fernández Gallar.

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