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03 July 2018

It is one of the largest High Velocity Railway contract tendered by Adif in the past two years

OHL will build in UTE (Joint Venture) one of the sections of the Basque ‘Y’ for 134 million euros

OHL has been awarded in UTE the construction of the Mondragón-Elorrio-Bergara section of the Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián High Velocity Railway. The contract awarded by Adif, is led by OHL (40%) and its affiliates Sobrino (20%), G&O (10%) and Geotunel (30%), specialized in underground construction work. The project, with a budget of 134 million euros constitutes one of the principal HVR contracts in Spain in the last two years.

This section of the award is formed by three axes of the HVR that form Sector 1, entirely executed in the municipality of Bergara (Guipúzcoa). It forms part of what is known as the Nudo de Bergara, which will allow the direct high velocity railway link between the three Basque capitals and it is included in the HVR Vitoria-Bilbao-San Sebastián-French boarder platform.

The contract includes the construction of three tunnels with a total longitude of 6,313 meters (over 89% of the section) executed by way of mine excavation by the New Austrian Method; a 200-meter-long artificial tunnel in Angiozar; a 20-meter viaduct in Aranostei over three axis of the HVR; eight connecting galleries between the tunnels; two walls; 527 meters of open air platform; an area of riverbed filling and auxiliary installations.

OHL adds a new high velocity project in Spain, where it has executed close to 200 interventions. The company recently finished a HVR section in Guipúzcoa, the Antzuola-Ezkio Itsaso east section in which it executed a bitube tunnel with a longitude of 2.8 kilometers which runs under the minicipality of  Zumárraga; as well as another contract in the north-northeast corridor of the Madrid-Galicia HVR (Espiño tunnel section), with the execution of a single line tunnel with a longitude of 7,950 meters.

The company is presently executing the railway infrastructure in the Huelva station;  installing track for the increase in capacity of the HVR between Madrid (Atocha) and Torrejón de Velasco (Madrid) and the branch line in the direction of Seville of the Madrid-Levante HVR with the Madrid-Sevilla HVR. 

Railway projects in Europe, Asia, Africa and America

OHL has carried out important railway interventions in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.  Among these is the High Velocity contract between the sacred cities of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, the largest abroad of the Spanish industry; a section of high velocity railway in the Ankara-Estambul line in Turkey with 206 km in service since 2009 and in the USA, it has undertaken the first construction project of a Spanish company in the railway sector in this country by extending the Miami metro to the Miami International Airport in the state of Florida. 

18.07.03. OHL Construirá En UTE Uno De Los Tramos De La Y

Infography of the access mouths to the tunnels in Angiozar.

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