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26 February 2018

One of the country’s main highways that comprises part of the Bi-Oceanic Corridor

OHL completes the construction of Route 60 in Chile, a project worth more than 360 million euros

OHL has finalized the work on Chile’s Route 60, with respect to section 2, Sector 1, called the Panquehue Bypass. The Minister of Public Works, Alberto Undurraga Vicuña, inaugurated the 25-km section of Route 60, one of the country’s most important highways, integrated into the Bi-Oceanic Corridor, an area of transit for the overland trade between Chile and Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay.  

The project, awarded by Sociedad Concesionaria Autopista los Andes, was budgeted at more than 140 million euros and has consisted of the construction of Section 2 of Sector 1, called the Panquehue Bypass, included in the “Route 60Ch International Concession”, granted by the Ministry of Public Works.

The opening to traffic of this section completes the project with the construction of the five sub-sections into which the 91-kilometer concession is divided, all of which have been performed by OHL at an overall price of more than 360 million euros.

Present in Chile since 1981

The OHL Group has been present in Chile since 1981, where it has been building outstanding infrastructures such as the  Eastern Amérigo Vespucio Toll Road; Terminal 2 in the Port of Valparaíso; the Industrial Bridge road concession, the main section of which is the bridge over the Biobío River; the work on Line 3 of the Santiago de Chile Metro –civil works involving shafts, galleries and tunnels in sections 5 and 6–, and the construction of the School of Science building at the University of Chile.

18.02.26 ESP OHL Completa La Construccion

Route 60. Chile.

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