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06 April 2018

It entails the reconstruction of one of the final parts of the fourth corridor which will allow shortening the trips from Prague to the south of Bohemia

OHL will modernize the railway line from Sudoměřice to Votice in the Czech Republic for 172 million euros

The OHL Group, through its Czech affiliate OHL ŽS, has been awarded the modernization of the Sudoměřice-Votice railway line in the Czech Republic. The project, awarded by the Railway Infrastructure Administration (Správa železniční dopravní cesty, in Czech), amounts to 172 million euros. With this award, OHL ŽS will undertake the largest railway project in the region leading the ranking of railway work contractors in the Czech Republic.

The contract entails the reconstruction of one of the last parts of the fourth railway corridor which will permit shortening the trips from Prague to the south of Bohemia.  The project is part of the 2014-2020 Transport Operative Program and is cofinanced by the European Structural and Investment Funds and by the Czech Republic State Transport Infrastructure fund.

In the section from Sudoměřice u Tábora to Votice a second track, two new tunnels and a railway station will be built.  The track will have a new layout that is two kilometers less than the present one. The velocity of the trains will increase to 160 km/h, which will reduce the travel time of the express trains between Prague and Tábor one hour. This will be possible, among other aspects, thanks to the construction of the Mezno  and  Deboreč  tunnels of  840 and 660 meter long, respectably.

The existing stations of Střezimíř, Ješetice and Heřmaničky will be replaced by the Červený Újezd one, which in turn, will be complemented by the stops at Mezno, Střezimíř, Červený Újezd, Ješetice and Heřmaničky. Between the Ješetice and Heřmaničky stops, two bridges will be built, the largest of which will reach a longitude of 244 meters.

This project is additional to the execution of other infrastructures that OHL ŽS has carried out in the Czech Republic for the modernization of its railway corridors such as the Tábor-Sudomerice section, which belongs to the Ceské Budejovice-Praga railway line  It is within the fourth railway corredor and the optimization of the Plzen-Stríbro track, which represents an important connection with Germany and the rest of the countries in Western Europe, in the third railway corridor of the country.

Presence in the Czech Republic 

OHL has been present in the Czech Republic since 2003. Among the principal projects performed in the country are, the optimization and start up of the railway line between the town of Bystrřce nad Olší, the Slovakian boarder and the city of Mosty u Jablunkova; the construction of the I/42 road and the Královo Pole tunnels in Brno; the expansion of the Bohunice Campus of the Masaryk University, in that city; the construction of the Prague Technical Library or the construction of the Janáček Theatre in Brno.

18.04.05 Ndp . OHL Modernizará La Línea Ferroviaria

Infographic of the project of the modernization of the Sudoměřice-Votice railway line in the Czech Republic.

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