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28 September 2017

Smart infrastructure management, smart payment systems like eTollPay, systems to reduce the carbon footprint

OHL bets on innovation to promote sustainable mobility

The OHL Group, in its commitment to the fight against climate change, carries out various initiatives to promote sustainable mobility that contribute to reducing the carbon footprint.

Innovation is a key element in this area. Specifically, the OHL Group, through the Concessions area, has promoted developments of its own technology and collaborative research projects to improve the mobility of people and goods.

OHL relies on smart infrastructure management systems, smart payment systems (free-flow portals, mobile applications for eTollPay, etc.), and use of solar photovoltaic energy to power led road lights and LED technology.

Regarding specific initiatives, we would highlight the EcoTAG toll system for Mexico City's highways, which recognizes the environmental commitment assumed by customers with electric or hybrid vehicles, granting them a 20% discount when using urban highways.

Road Safety and Mobility Plan

These initiatives include the OHL Group’s Mobility and Road Safety Plan 2015-2020 to improve employee mobility, optimize energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG), with studies estimating the GHG emissions produced by employees in countries such as Canada, Chile, the United States, Mexico and the Czech Republic during their journeys.

In addition, this plan incorporates different initiatives such as exclusive parking for bicycles and places qualified for car-sharing, as well as shuttle services in countries such as Mexico, Peru, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay and Spain. This is complemented by the use of electric vehicles and compressed natural gas.

17.09.28 OHL Apuesta Por La Innovacion

Free-flow toll system, in Mexico.

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