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+100 years building history

Amongst the many projects carried out by the OHL Group over more than one hundred years of history are certain emblematic works in terms of size, complexity, technical innovation or social scope. This section gathers a non-exhaustive catalogue of some of these activities.


Guadalmena Dam (Spain) and Colbun-Machicura hydroelectrical complex (Chile)

The Guadalmena Dam in Jaén (Spain) started operating in 1969. At an international level, in 1985, the construction of the Colbun-Machicura hydroelectrical complex was conceived as the largest  power plant of its time in the country.


The Vielha tunnel (Spain) and the Královo Pole tunnel (Czech Republic)

The Vielha tunnel, integrated in the N-230 National Road, links the counties of Alta Ribagorza and Valle de Arán in Lleida (Spain) and was built in 2007. In addition, the Company built the Královo Pole tunnels in the Czech Republic which were opened to traffic in 2012


Professional Music Conservatory (Spain) and South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center (USA)

Professional Music Conservatory in Santiago de Compostela, in A Coruña (Spain), built in 2004. Moreover, multi-disciplinary center of South Miami-Dade Cultural Arts Center, in EEUU, in 2011.


Atocha railway station (Spain) and Strizkov metro station (Czech Republic)

Atocha railway station: the reconstruction works for accommodating the head shunt of the Madrid-Seville AVE railway line were completed in 1992. Likewise, the construction of the Strizkov metro station in Prague was completed in 2008.


A-6, Ambasmestas-Castro/Lamas section (Spain) and Northern Toll Road (Peru)

In 2001, OHL completed the Ambasmestas-Castro/Lamas section, A-6 highway, between Madrid and La Coruña, in Spain. This is a reference work due to its advanced design and its part of the Pan American Highway North, a major road link running along the country´s coast.