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+100 years building history

Amongst the many projects carried out by the OHL Group over more than one hundred years of history are certain emblematic works in terms of size, complexity, technical innovation or social scope. This section gathers a non-exhaustive catalogue of some of these activities.


Newman Alumni Center at the University of Miami and University Campus in Bohunice of Masaryk University

OHL has a relevant position in singular building, where it has played an outstanding role in the construction of educational infrastructures. In the United States, it has a history of more than thirty years with sites at the University of Miami, Florida International University, Christopher Columbus High School and Northwestern University Kellogg School of Management. In Czech Republic, the expansion of the Bohunice University Campus of the Masaryk University in Brno stands out.


Puente Fernández Casado and Northern Toll Road

OHL is committed to innovation by promoting the development of technology.  Thus, in Mexico, Northern Toll Road has the pioneer seismic monitoring system of its type on a global scale, intelligent payment systems (free-flow arches), the use of photovoltaic energy and LED technology. In Spain, OHL has built the first concrete suspension bridges such as the Fernández Casado bridge over the Barrios de Luna reservoir (León), the world-record concrete suspension bridge in its day.


Smart infrastructure management

OHL has promoted developments of its own technology and collaborative research projects to improve the mobility of people and goods. OHL relies on smart infrastructure management systems, smart payment systems (free-flow portals, mobile applications for eTollPay, etc.), and use of solar photovoltaic energy to power led road lights and LED technology. 


The Hospital Universitario La Paz and South Miami Hospital

OHL Group is a pioneer in healthcare construction. Since 1930, OHL Group has executed more than 150 new construction hospitals, representing over 6 million square meters in construction more than 60,000 beds to-date.

The company has constructed similar healthcare projects in countries around the world, including Spain, Portugal, Iraq, Costa Rica, U.S.A., Mexico, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Venezuela, Chile and Canada.


Navigation Pavilion at Expo 92 and the Spanish Pavilion at Expo 2000

The Navigation Pavilion was built by OHL for Expo92, held in Seville. In addition, Germany inaugurated the new century with a Universal Exhibition under the motto "Man, nature and technology, origin of a new world". OHL built the pavilion that represented Spain in Expo 2000 in Hannover.